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The Town Hall
Besides beautiful baroque churches, in Chełm you can find interesting buildings from later epochs. At Lubelska Street no 63 is the edifice of the TOWN HALL ['MAGISTRAT'] constructed in the years 1926-1927 on the initiative of Chełm Local Authorities. The town hall consists of two wings forming the shape of the 'L' letter.
The wing situated in Lubelska Street has been serving as the seat of the Local Authorities to the present day. The wing situated in Strażacka Street was planned as a Municipal Theatre. However, in time it was rented as a cinema. The whole edifice was designed in the neo-renaissance style to which the attics, even today crowning the main part of the building, bear witness.
In addition to the buildings situated in the city centre, Chełm possesses many more sites connected with its colourful past. In Pocztowa Street is the Chełm entrepreneur  WILHELM  KRETZSCHMAR'S PALACE    erected in the  eary  20th 20th  century in the art nouveau style with eclectic elements. In its proximity is the building of the former RUSSIAN  CHELM  TECHNICAL SCHOOL. In the western part of the city in Lubelska Street is a complex of barrack buildings with a former garrison Orthodox church, at present serving as the Church of St. Casimir. At the beginning of the 20th century there was to be built a gubernatorial district in Szpitalna Street. However, the outbreak of the First World War prevented the Russians from implementing those plans. In time, only the Gubernatorial Office and the Palace of the Governors were completed and they have been used by medical institutions to this day.













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