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To the south of the Piarist Complex is a complex of buildings of the REFORMATI MONASTERY ['KLASZTOR REFORMATÓW'] consisting of the CHURCH OF SAINT ANDREW THE APOSTLE ['KOŚCIÓŁ P.W. ŚW. ANDRZEJA APOSTOŁA'] and former monastery buildings. The monks were brought to Chełm in the 18th century. The church, whose design was also created by Paweł Fontana, was consecrated in 1750. After the monastery had been closed down, the baroque church was turned into an Orthodox church and it came back into the possession of the monks after the Second World War.

The monastery buildings were extended and in 1866 a Chełm Greek-Uniate Female School started to function in them. After the union had been dissolved, the school became Orthodox in its character. During the First World War a Male Teachers Training College was placed here and after the Second World War other educational institutions have been housed in them.




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