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The most precious old building of Chełm is the late baroque PARISH CHURCH OF APOSTLES THE MESSENGERS ['KOŚCIÓŁ PARAFIALNY P.W. ROZESŁANIA ŚWIĘTYCH APOSTOŁÓW'] built on the site of earlier churches which functioned from the 15th century. The present church was constructed in the years 1753-1763 and it is one of the most beautiful old buildings in Lublin Province.

The design of the church was created by Paweł Fontana and the church in Chełm is one of his most prominent works. The construction was directed by Tomasz Rezler and the interior decorations include sculptures by Michał Filewicz, paintings by Szymon Czechowicz and polychromy by Józef Mayer, the court painter of the Polish king August III. The gorgeous mass of the church whose octagonal body is supplemented with two towers located in the corners of the façade delights with its shape even today and the interior of the church attracts with the richness of the embellishments and decorations.

Nearby you can find the former PIARIST COLLEGE ['KOLEGIUM PIJARÓW'] established in the first half of the 18th century. The monks were brought to Chełm in 1667 by bishop suffragan of Chełm Mikołaj Świrski. The school set up by them had the status of a sub-faculty school in the time of the Commission for National Education. After the order had been countermanded, a Russian Male Classical Gymnasium functioned in the building, and in the interwar period it served as a Town Hall and the offices of the County Authorities. At present the building is used by the parish and Chełm Museum. It houses the museum management board and the 'Gallery 72" which collects modern constructivist painting. As far as this hermetic and unique art is concerned, the Chełm collection is among the largest in Europe.

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