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OLD  CITY MARKET SQUARE situated eastwards of the Piarist Complex, nowadays carrying the name of a well-known Chełm social activist dr Edward Łuczkowski. In recent years the square has been cleared and stylishly cobbled. Archaeological excavations carried out during the renovation made it possible to reveal the remains of the former Chełm TOWN HALLl ['RATUSZ'] whose beginnings date back to the 15th century. Having been destroyed by numerous fires, the town hall was eventually pulled down in 1848. A complex of little Jewish shops commonly referred to as the “Rotunda” had taken its place and existed until World War II. Besides the remains of the Town Hall and the reconstructed well, noteworthy are a monument for those who died for their homeland founded in the interwar period and a wooden kiosk with newspapers from the early 20th century, a Jewishmerchant Mejer Dobkowski's possession.




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