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To the west of Chełm Hill extends a panorama of the oldest part of the city. The most interesting old buildings are in Lubelska Street which has been the main artery of the city since the Middle Ages. On the slope of the elevation are located the buildings of the former Uniate THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY ['SEMINARIUM DUCHOWNE'] and THE ORTHODOX CHURCH OF ST. NICHOLAS ['CERKIEW P.W. ŚW. MIKOŁAJA']. The Uniates occupied a significant place in the Chełm community. A Uniate Basilian Gymnasium was established in the 17th century and later transformed into a Diocesan Theological Seminary. The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas was built in the years 1720-1727 and founded by the Uniate Bishop of Chełm Józef Lewicki. After the Union had been dissolved, it served as an Orthodox church and nowadays it houses the Department of Art of Chełm Museum.


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