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After selected sections of the corridors had been adapted for tourist purposes in the 1970s, the undergrounds were opened to visitors. However, the present-day tourist route was given its final form only in 1985. It runs through three underground complexes of corridors (labyrinths) in the vicinity of the Church Of Holy Apostles The Messengers, under the Old City Market Square and under Przechodnia Street.

While visiting the nearly two-kilometre-long route, which tourists cover in about 50 minutes, you can become familiar with numerous exhibitions of geological, archaeological and historical interest. A special attraction is the shaft of the Old City well, which was used from the 15th century to the 18th century, at present reconstructed on the former Old City Market Square, nowadays named after the Chełm's social activist dr Edward Łuczkowski.

Even today the chalk undergrounds are full of riddles, surprises and mysteries. Unknown pits are still being discovered during construction works. A walking tour in the dark white labyrinth will leave an indelible impression on the visitor and will make an unforgettable memory. All the more so because in one of the chambers there appears a legendary guardian of the chalk labyrinth - the BIELUCH GHOST. You can tell him your most secret dreams, and good people's dreams are believed to come true.

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