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Nature paths in the vicinity of Chełm


  • Nature path in the "Bagno Serebryskie" peat-bog reserve - about 3 km long . The starting point of the path is in the north-western part of the reserve in the village of Nowiny (next to Social Assistance Home). It runs to a vantage tower and then across the meadows towards the southern border of the reserve. In a few places there are stopovers marked with limestone rocks from which it is possible to observe plant species and complexes as well as birds characteristics of peat-bogs. At the starting and finishing points of the path there are information boards about the natural assets of the reserve and the ways of its protection. 
  • "Bachus" nature path - 4.5 km long . It is situated in the Sawin commune in the north-western part of the Chełm Landscape Park . The route goes through the forests of the Chełm Forest District. The makes it possible to familiarize oneself with various forest habitats and interesting flora and fauna. Particularly noteworthy are: an ancient pine and oak forest of natural origin which is under reserve protection and rare forms of chalk karst - karst hollows. The starting point of the path is about 3 km north-westwards from the centre of Sawin at a tarmac road leading towards the village of Chutcze . The path starts at a small forest stopping place. 
  • "Stańków" nature path - about 6 km long . The path is situated in the Chełm commune in the south-eastern part of the Chełm Landscape Park . A shorter version of the path, about 2 km in length, has also been prepared. The path enables you to get familiar with the water and forest ecosystems as well as with the principles of forest management. The route starts at the Stańków reservoir and runs past old foresters' lodges, cottages and the former husking plant through the forests of the Chełm Forest District to the village of Nowiny . Here begins another nature path called "Bagno Serebryskie". 
  • "Bolko" history and nature path in Hniszów . The starting point of the path is about 500 m from the Dorohusk-Włodawa road, at the north-western edge of the village. Then the path runs through the former manor park in Hniszów with a rich and old tree stand (honey locust, European ash, white birch, oak trees). The path ends at the "Bolko" brown oak - the mightiest oak tree in the Lublin region. It is about 400 years old and 28 metres tall and its trunk is 874 cm in circumference.



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