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In the city, among dozens of physical culture associations, 13 clubs are classified in the system of youth sporting competition and about 1200 young sportspeople belong to them, competing in 18 sports. Young sportspeople from Chełm are achieving more and more spectacular successes in female Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, cross-country running and athletics, shooting, swimming, tennis and table tennis, female and male judo, WTF tae kwon do, boxing and in team sports such as volleyball, basketball or football. MKS Biomlek Chełm female basketball players were the finalists of the 11th Polish National Youth Contest in Indoor Sports - 2005, and the UKS Niedźwiadek Footballers won the Polish Championship Title among teams of up to 11 years of age, winning the prestigious Marek Wielgus Football Contest in 2004.
However, the real yardsticks of Chełm's sport successes are Andrzej Głąb's silver medal won at the Olympic Games in Seoul , Piotr Jabłoński's World Championship title in 2003 and numerous other World and European Championship titles in wrestling won in various age categories by MKS CEMENT - GRYF sportsmen and sportswomen.
Better and better sports facilities in addition to financial means and proficient training personnel contribute to the achievement of good results in qualified sports and popularization of active recreation. These facilities are made widely available to Chełm's residents, physical culture associations, educational institutions and other institutions functioning in the city. Noteworthy is the sports hall of the Municipal Centre of Sport and Recreation, a multipurpose facility with 1044 seats (including 128 seats for the disabled), where any indoor team sport events, individual sport events and art events can be held.
The city also possesses a Municipal Stadium with 2500 seats and a good main pitch, indoor swimming pools at the Centre of sGeneral Education Schools No 2 and Secondary School No 1 as well as an artificial ice rink.

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